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Updating Cubelets to OS 4.3 from OS 4

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2016 04:34PM MDT

The Current Cubelets OS version is: OS 4.3 (released April 28th, 2016)

  • For instruction on updating from OS 4 to OS 4.3,  see instructions below!​​
  • For instruction on updating from pre-OS 4 operating systems to OS 4.3, click here!

Updating Cubelets to the new OS 4.3 release

Cubelets OS 4.3 addresses two important changes. The first is a critical bug fix that prevents data corruption within Cubelets' memory. This means Cubelets running OS 4.3 are more stable, more reliable, and less forgetful! The second enables app-initiated OS 4 improvements and updates. Now you'll be able to keep up with any future software updates. Update your Cubelets using the Cubelets App or Cubelets Flash.​

OS 4 and OS 4.3 Cubelets are compatible! All OS 4 versions work together without issue while previous operating systems and OS 4 are not compatible. It's important to note that OS 4 Cubelets not updated to Cubelets OS 4.3 will still be prone to the corruption issue, so we suggest that you update all of your OS 4 Cubelets to be safe.

How to Update from OS 4 to OS 4.3

Updating Cubelets from OS 4 to our newest release, OS 4.3, is slightly different than updating from previous Cubelets operating systems. It’s actually even simpler!

If you have updated to the latest version of the Cubelets app, you will see a little red icon with a white exclamation point hovering over your Bluetooth Cubelet in the Cubelets Map when a new operating system update is available. Hold your finger on the Bluetooth Cubelet and a pop-up will appear asking if you want to update to the newest version of OS 4.

After you've successfully updated your Bluetooth Cubelet, other Cubelets that are eligible for an update to the latest OS 4 version will show the same red icon with a white exclamation point.

Just as with the Bluetooth Cubelet, you can update cubes connected directly to the Bluetooth Cubelet by holding your finger on that Cubelet in the Cubelets Map for a few seconds. A little pop-up up will appear asking if you want to Update this Cubelet to 4.3. Click to begin the update process for that Cubelet. When the update is complete, hold your finger on the Cubelet you just updated to check that the update to OS 4.3 was successful before moving on to the next Cubelet.

Occasionally, blocks may fail to update. If the OS 4.3 update fails for one of your Cubelets, make sure your Battery Cubelet is fully charged and your Wifi connection is good, then try the update process again. If the cube fails several update attempts, refresh the app, restart your device, or contact us at for more help.

Please note: Updating Cubelets from a pre-OS 4 operating system (Cubelets produced before November 2015) to the new OS 4.3 operating system will follow different updating instruction than those shown above. For instructions for updating from pre-OS 4 operating systems to OS 4.3, click here!

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