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Upgrading Cubelets to OS 4.3 from pre-OS 4 operating systems

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 02:34PM MST
The Current Cubelets OS version is: OS 4.3 (released April 28th, 2016)
  • For instruction on updating from OS 4 to OS 4.3, click here!
  • For instruction on updating from an operating system previous to OS 4 to the newest OS 4 version, see instructions below!

Updating Cubelets to OS 4.3 from pre-OS 4 Operating Systems

The pre-OS 4 to OS 4 upgrade process will always upgrade your Cubelets to the latest OS 4 version release when your Cubelets app is up to date. To access the update feature, follow the instructions in the video link or follow along with the written instructions below. 

Video Tutorial: Updating Cubelets to OS 4.3 from pre-OS4 Operating Systems

Please note: Updating Cubelets from the existing OS 4 operating system to the new OS 4.3 operating system will follow a different updating process than the one outlined in this video. For instructions on updating from OS 4 to OS 4.3, click here.

1) Connect your Bluetooth Cubelet and fully charged Battery Cubelet.
2) Pair your Bluetooth Cubelet using the 3 color LED code in your Bluetooth settings.
3) Open the Cubelets app and select your Bluetooth Cubelet to connect. 4) Touch the little gear in the upper left corner and select "Upgrade more Cubelets"
5) Begin the update process by selecting "I'm ready. Let's get started!"
6) The Bluetooth will go through a short update, after that, connect the Cubelets to be re-updated one at a time, giving the app about 15 seconds to connect to the cube. If the Cubelet doesn't show up as upgrade-able, try connecting a different face to the Bluetooth. 
7) Once done, select "I'm done upgrading my Cubelets" and the Bluetooth will need to do another short update before you can disconnect your Bluetooth and Battery or close the Cubelets app.


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